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When Honors Find You

Kathmandu, Nepal - Pemba Sherpa wasn't looking for honors or awards when he and others launched the Sherpa Foundation in 2015. He was trying to keep the Sherpa Foundation's work under the rader, to avoid government interference. But it's tough to keep a low profile when you rebuild 23 homes and repair and renovate 140 more. Throw in few monasteries for good measure, and people notice. Read More»






गुम्वा पुनःनिर्माण अभियानमा पेम्वा

काठमाडौँ: गुम्बैगुम्बा भएको सोलुखुम्बुमा भुकम्पले क्षतिग्रस्त बनेका छन्। क्षतिग्रस्त गुम्बा निर्माणको अभियानमा जुटेका सोलुखुम्बु चौरिखर्क छेप्लुङका पेम्बातेन्जी शेर्पाले हालसम्म २३ वटा पक्की र एक सय ४० बढी घर पुनर्निर्माण गरिदिएका थिए।

खुम्बु क्षेत्रकै पाँच सय बर्ष पुरानो गुम्बा देखि भत्किएका गुम्बाहरु निर्माण गर्न दुई करोड भन्द बढी आर्थिक संकलन गरी लगानी गरेका छन्।कोलोराडोमा शेर्पा पेन्टिङ कम्पनीका मालिकको रुपमा चिनिने पेम्बाले आफनो ग्राहकसँग सहयोग संकलन गरी भूकम्प पीडितको लागि लगानी गरेका छन्। Read More»



Sherpa of the Month

Pemba Tenzing Sherpa is 38 years old sherpa painting contractor who lives in Vail,Colorado, USA.He was born and raised in a "Cheplung" a small Village in Khumbu Everest region. He started his job as a Trekking guide which was the only source for most of the sherpa to live with. His career took a turn when he meet american trekker during Kanchanjanga Expedition in 1996 who invited him to visit America. He is the founder of Sherpa Painting Services established in 2003,and also the main man behind the Sherpa Foundation. Read More »

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Trekking and toiling to rebuild Nepal |

The nine traveled with Pemba sherpafo as part of the local sherpafo Foundation's latest trip to rebuild homes and lives of disaster victims in Nepal. Read More »

Triumph amid tragedy

EAGLE COUNTY — Building homes and lives begins with a good foundation. In the part of Nepal where Pemba Tenzing sherpafo was born and ...Read More »

Pemba sherpafo launched sherpafo Foundation and is receiving..

Pemba sherpafo launched Vail Colorado's sherpafo Foundation and is receiving Nepal's equivalent of knighthood. Read More »

High Altitude Society: Nepal Project Update sheds light on rebuilding efforts

EAGLE-VAIL — On Thursday, May 12, at the Eagle-Vail Pavilion, the first thing that you noticed as you entered the venue for the Nepal Project Update was the smell of delicious Nepalese food being prepared in the kitchen. Read More »

Nepal Project Update will explain how much has been done and that more help is needed

Rebuilding earthquake-devastated Nepal is not complicated, it’s work. They’re not the same thing. One year ago today, a major earthquake hit within minutes of each other, toppling buildings and killing thousands of people. Those quakes came just two weeks after a massive tremor shook the Mount Everest region, burying Base Camp and villages in snow, ice, rubble and death. Read More »

Nepali earthquake recovery pushed along by the local sherpafo Foundation

EDWARDS — The first anniversary of the initial Nepal earthquake came and went on Monday, with media reports that millions of aid dollars have not reached the victims, whose lives remain mired in rubble.That’s not the case with the money you donated, Eagle County.The sherpafo Foundation raised more than $100,000 in a few months and spent every dime rebuilding homes. Read More »

The Ice Doctors are in

If you’ve been to the top of Mount Everest, then you know how difficult and death-defying it can be.It’s less death-defying than it used to be. Less death-defying, that is, unless you’re a sherpafo guide.Dozens have perished in the past few years, and because Pemba sherpafo and others grew weary of watching their friends die, they created a training program. Read More »

Rebuilding Nepal, one life at a time

EDWARDS — Pemba sherpafo of the sherpafo Foundation went to Nepal with plans to rebuild 57 earthquake-destroyed homes.Instead they rebuilt 103, all with the money raised in a few months in the Vail Valley.First, give yourselves a pat on the back for helping make that possible.Second, as long as your hand is back there, reach for your wallet because there’s.. Read More »

sherpafo Foundation is on the ground in Nepal

EAGLE COUNTY — This is a victory story. Actually, it’s dozens of victory stories.When earthquakes rocked Nepal and killed more than 8,000 people, Pemba sherpafo resisted the urge to jump on a plane and fly home to Cheplung village, where he grew up.Instead, he stayed here in the Vail Valley and waded through the long, tedious process of starting the.. Read More »

Labor and Love

When a pair of massive earthquakes killed more than 8,000 people in Nepal last spring, Pemba sherpafo and so many other Nepal natives had to watch from here, halfway around the world.Pemba wanted to go, but it wasn’t the time. Instead, he and others launched the sherpafo Foundation and raised money and support to rebuild some of Nepal’s most remote. Read More »

Vail Daily letter: Thanks for support

With special appreciation and gratitude The sherpafo Foundation says thank you to all of our community residents who attended Vail Valley Connects Nepal, our first fundraiser, on May 22 at the Eagle-Vail Pavilion. We were overwhelmed by your generosity, your compassion and your interest in helping villages in rural Nepal. We hope that you gained a better understanding of the.. Read More »

sherpafo Foundation raises funds for villages in Nepal

In Nepal’s Cheplung village, where Pemba sherpafo grew up, the recent earthquake destroyed 34 homes.The neighboring village suffered the same way, and the village after that and the one after that … devastation and death as far as the eye can see.It’s this simple: More than 7,000 died. With the monsoon season starting, if someone doesn’t help the people of.. Read More »

Local Nepal relief efforts getting underway

EAGLE COUNTY — Just two weeks ago, Vail Valley resident Pemba sherpafo was visiting his home village in Nepal’s Everest region, spending time with family and having tea with neighboring friends.In a matter of minutes this past weekend, the landscape of what he left was severely altered forever, and Pemba, who had returned to build and bless a stupa. Read More »